Layton, Utah
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I bought 5 bottles of Downey fabric softener all of which have become to thick to pour out. I took one back but I have 4 bottles still full and I can't use them.

They where stored in the laundry room in the by the washer and dryer which is also a bathroom. I'm stuck with about $50.00 of Downey I can't use. While in the store another customer told me she also had the same thing happen.

I have to completely scrub my washer and take it apart to get the thick Downey out of the machine.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Downy Cons: Product is defective.

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Put mine in the blender for a few seconds--good as new!


Had the same problem. All from one cvs store.

Can water it down. It will leave white all over your cloths


Ours does the same thing. Not exposed to more than one or two degrees of temp change.

We have tossed several containers. Greatly disappointed.


I have the same problem, you cannot even get the cap on the bottle. Downy has always been my softner but will go to a different brand until this gets fixed.


I also have a new bottle of Downy fabric softner that is as thick as pudding, can't pour or mix with water. That just made it lumpy pudding. ICK..


My bottle of Ultra Downy is so thick that 1/2 of it is left in the dispenser and I do dilute it with water. I am very disappointed it and will have to through away the rest of the bottle. I am afraid it is going to clog up my washing machine.


I just want to know if you can thin out fabric softener. Water doesn’t work.

I’m tried of wasting my money.

I always used Downy fabric softener, never had any problems before. Did the company change the formula?


I just sent P&G a similar complaint a few minutes ago! Something must have changed in the formula and it clogs my front load washing machine !


I tried mixing it with hot water which helps it melt after stirring. If I don't it gets caked on the clothes and they have to be rewashed.