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Your markings to indicate the amount of Downy to be used per load, are absolutely the most ridiculous I have ever seen for anything, anywhere! When I finally found them, with the help of several friends also searching, we wonder who had the final okay for the marks.

Why INSIDE the cap where they are all but impossible to see? Surely any person responsible for doing the laundry could offer an idea for more noticeable, convenient marks for measuring. Less guessing, spilling, pouring back and forth trying to get the right amount would be a more cost-saving plus for your buyers, or is this supposed to be a way to have a production increase?

Well, as for me, I'm looking for another brand.

P.S. Your proofreader has goofed with the red sentence (?) below this box about minimum wording.

Product or Service Mentioned: Downy Fabric Softener.

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