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Who is the blonde actor or actress in the new downy unstoppable commercial? Is this person transgender or just had bad plastic surgery or both?!

Reason of review: Commercial is inappropriate.

Preferred solution: Remove this commercial .

Location: Dayton, Texas

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I too will not use this product because of the sexually oriented commercials. Disgusting..all of them, and switching to the little Hitler man is just as disgusting.


Unfortunately the World is upside down and they appear to be ztrans to me!


It doesn't matter. It's just another annoying commercial.

And by the way it's a good product, give it a try. No reason to be angry/ pissed .


Really bad commercial, looks like a Nazi impersonator!!!


She was great! Taking her out because a hand full for ignorant people decided to be bully’s is wrong!


Disgusting commercials


That reviewer has no sense of humor! I took the setup to feature an average, middle-aged housewife (who looks somewhat European). The appeal is supposed to be toward average, middle-aged people.


I agree she's scary. Downey seems to have the strangest ads and very strange looking people.

The one with what looks like grandparents cleaning a closet and I guess it would be the grandson "Joshey". What normal kid would look at a wrinkled shirt and after she says Hi Joshey the kid runs off like he saw something to be afraid of. Who writes for these screwballs and who is the screwball who created the dumbest commercial I ever saw!!.No kid who had all his marbles would react to wrinkled. Personally I can't remember the last time I freaked out from seeing wrinkled.

There a lot of problems in this world but if a kid runs from seeing wrinkles he might need a shrink!!! The sad part is that anyone who screened the ad if they had a brain would burn it. The actors must be desperate for money.

Find something else to do. I wouldn't buy Downey because the ads insult your intelligence.


He wasn’t running because the shirts were wrinkled, he took off because of what the wrinkled shirts symbolized. When kids see their parents kiss they get grossed out. It’s a funny commercial


I miss this commercial. It was funny and very catchy. Bring it back.

@Rasul Vrl

Bring back the commercial

@Rasul Vrl

for some strange reason, I love this ad and find the woman fascinating. It made me want to go and smell this laundry product


I miss that commercial but I don't judge people. The woman who is on now is also sending a sexual message?


she or he is the ugliest person ever. they look like a nazi.




If you don't like, don't watch it.


It’s just a commercial maybe you should look in the mirror to never run a persons looks down should be ashamed of yourself


Who do you people think you are judging a person on whether you think that person is attractive?


We stopped buying this product as a result of this commercial. My wife and I find the character portrayed in the commercial to be repugnant and dont understand how any PR/Marketing campaign could see this as putting their product in a positive light


U sound ridiculous! & rude!!!!!

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