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What actress is in the “unstoppable” commercial .... is it Kate Mulgrew?

1 answer
Well.,,,, I THOUGHT IT WAS KATE MULGREW..... but.... after reading comments about this commercial..,, I have seen over 7 answers that say it is someone else! ... that’s the internet for ya!

Why does your product. become so thick you can hardly pour it out !

by user78539983

I bought several bottles of downy ( blue and green caps ) l am a couponer.....OK they are ruined. How does fabric softener ruin you might ask.

It is do thick it will hardly pour and it clogs my fabric softener dispenser none of the others l have used did this Gain Snuggle are the main two.. I do like you your UN stoppables...but your fabric softener Stinks !!!!!!??

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