Mountain City, Tennessee
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The square face lady is so repulsive. Theres surely better looking women out there to do this commercial. Get her square face out of my face!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Downy Commercial.

Reason of review: Hate commercial.

Monetary Loss: $11.

Preferred solution: Get another actress..

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The point is that you are talking about the commercial. Stop being so hateful!


I agree.


Very *** commercial for a number of reasons. This is your idea of fresh and new advertising? Go back to the drawing board.


I hate this commercial. The square faced and weird shspe of that woman grosses me out


Ren Dawn Kennedy is the actress.


Maybe you have a fat round face or a long giant egg shaped face.


I think there are better looking men who could do commercials too but they let fat ugly bald men do commercials and I don't hear you commenting about that. I cannot stand to see a fat ugly bald headed man without a shirt revealing a disgusting beer gut. So look in the mirror before you comment.


Very uncomfortable commercial


I absolutely love this Downey Unstoppable Teacher Commercial. The actress is wonderful. Can't stand Downey products but love watching this talented actress.


Oh my god— she’s THE BEST!!


So everyone on TV needs to conform to your idea of beauty? Does everyone know this already?

You should distribute a memo so everyone can make your world more satisfying for you. You’re pathetic.

A bully. Shut the *** up.


TV commercials should appeal to consumers, not repulse them. That's common sense!


This “gender ??” THING in your commercials makes me want to vomit!! It’s bad enough you can’t spell the name of your product correctly, but exposing normal humans to this commercial is cruel!!


Not everyone is beautiful.


That’s not nice.


I've seen the commercial with the square-faced lady (?) at least twenty times and it always bothered me that 1) I couldn't figure out if the actor was male/female/trans/? and 2) I never remembered what the product was after the commercial ended.

This time when it came on, I happened to be using my laptop so I looked online for information. Now at least I know the product name; still can't figure out the reason for such a strange commercial.


I agree. I don't understand this commercial.

Why is this woman acting almost orgasmic with this product and flipping her hips out at the end of the commercial. I don't understand the choice of actress, regardless of her size.

Is she supposed to represent a school marm who loses control when using this product? Commercial makes no sense.


You really need to get a better sense of humor. She’s funny!

I think she’s made up to look that way on purpose.

I doubt that she really looks like that, but what of it if she does. Get a life for heaven’s sake.


That was so mean. I, personally, think she is very unique and attractive.


Please remove all commercials using this older woman. I use unstoppables but I find these ads so gross that I cannot continue to buy your product and its not just me but others I have ask also feel the same way.