Look, I'm a 62 year old welder, hardened to the core. I used to crave the jokes in Hustler and regarded National Lampoon as essential social educational awareness.

Nothing offends me. But I have learned, because we all need to have a grasp of what constitutes appropriate presentation of humor - that certain forms of drama, regardless of intentional impact or length or seriousness, can nevertheless influence any number of individuals to feel vindication towards tendencies of wrongful behavior. The question I put to your company is simple - what is the basis for this commercial's appeal... that is....

even though I may laugh at it... and I get the hidden joke... somehow this reminds me of the type of humor that I've given up on. After all...

is there a reason to ignore the advancement of social acceptance, which was born out of struggle and sacrifice... even out of injury and life...

all for a quick chuckle? I hope you can explain your reasoning on the psychological structure of this advertisement for me

Product or Service Mentioned: Downy Commercial.

Reason of review: You are willing to listen..

Downy Pros: Soft clothes.

Downy Cons: Advertisement.

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My GOSH...over think much...sheez It's a commercial...for Christ sake... 3 months it will be gone and replaced with Santa Claus doing something stupid... Just breath....LOL LOL LOL


Sick world gets sicker and sicker. Very sad. I'd never purchase your product.


It’s a guy