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Unlike so many others who found the apparent humor of your commercial distasteful, I found it so annoying that I didn't bother to pay any attention to it the first time it appeared on my screen. After that, it seemed to pop up over and over again, so I got very quick at muting that screen and opening another source for long enough to miss the whole commercial.

If I had not already been familiar with your Unstoppable product, I wouldn't know anything about it, because the music and the look just repulsed me. It would amaze me if this commercial isn't hurting the sales of this product.

Product or Service Mentioned: Downy Commercial.

Reason of review: TV commercial.

Preferred solution: Pull the add with the weird woman .

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Curiosity got the best of me and I had to look up this commercial. Tries too hard to be cool and edgy, and comes off as weird.

More importantly, they give you exactly 'zero' info on what they even smell like...which is the entire reason for purchasing the product. Bottom line, it gives me no reason to try them.


I mute it as well!. I find it almost as annoying as the squealing pig commercials. FYI I was in the advertising buisnes.


Highly inappropriate and annoying commercial. The teacher brushing her arm against the student's cheek and the sexuality of this commercial in a school environment is disgusting. What is wrong with ad agencies these days?!


I HATE this commercial! I too am disgusted by the brushing of the schoolgirls face by whatever that actress/actor is supposed to be.

Scared, freaky and NOT okay.

Downey, get your act together. TRASH!


Agree, agree, agree! Sick stinking commercial pushing the boundaries of teacher/student relationships on every level. Disgusting.


Ummm yeah I'm pretty sure that was actually a transexual actor...thats the feeling I get everytime i see that commercial...im not trying to be meaning...I just think its decieving